[rt-users] Multiple emails being sent for single update to tickets

Thomas Smith theitsmith at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 12:47:20 EDT 2011


I'm using RT 4.0.2 and I noticed some email behavior that seems unusual to me.

What's happening is when someone posts a reply to a ticket, anyone
who's listed on the People tab will be emailed in a single email
(Requestors and CCed people, I haven't tested it with AdminCCs). If,
on the same reply, someone is added to the "One-time CC" list, this
will generate a second email that only goes to that person or persons.
I also have default AdminCCs placed on this particular queue--the
AdminCCs are emailed on the same reply (which is expected), but RT
generates a _third_ email that only goes to the AdminCC.

Is this behavior considered normal for RT? Or is there a setting
somewhere that can be changed to alter it?

It would seem more normal to me that a single email (instead of three)
would be generated that would include anyone on the People tab, those
listed in the one-time CC and BCC fields on the reply, and the AdminCC
for the queue. Having these emails generate separately creates
confusion sometimes--the one-time CC or BCC users don't see who else
the email was sent to, nor do the AdminCCs for the queue, unless they
look at the ticket in the web UI... And only then if they have access
to view the emails.


~ Tom

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