[rt-users] Multiple related Custom Fields

Daniel Silveira DSilveira at prmg.mpf.gov.br
Thu Oct 20 11:53:37 EDT 2011

Hello everybody,
I need to create Custom Fields that support multiple values, with correlated data, for instance: multiple traveler's name, bank and account. 
If I had only one traveler, it would be ok. I would create one CF for each field. But I need more than one traveler/bank/account on the same ticket. And the data is correlated, that means, i can't have 3 CF's supporting multiple values each. This way I wouldn't know what bank and account belong to each traveler.
Resuming, i need: CF.Traveler: [ Name:_______, Bank:_______, Account:_________ ]
I thought 3 ways for doing this. I would appreciate if you point me the easier one.
1) Create external form and input data by email, through "Command by email" extension. Concatenate the fields traveler/bank/account and input on a multiple valued CF on RT (like: John Doe - Bank: lehman brothers - Account: 123456-5);
2) Create a javascript helper (like the one used with the date fields) and instruct user to input the correct data on each field. Than, concatenate the fields traveler/bank/account and put them on one multiple valued CF (just like the example showed above).
3) Create a new type: CustomFieldTraveler, that support the sub-fields mencioned. (I don't know if this is possible!)
Thanks in advance.
Daniel Silveira
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