[rt-users] Change username format of autocomplete list

Peter Reuterås reuteras at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 14:32:29 EDT 2011


I've just started testing RT 4.0.2 for a future upgrade from the
3.8-series. Enabled autocomplete based on work phone number in
addition to name for requestor. However doing that I would like to
change the username format of the suggestions in the drop down to
include name, email and work phone.

Is there a standard way to add a new username format? If I understand
correctly the format is the one the user select on the Setting ->
Options page and the default specified in $UsernameFormat. The current
options are "concise" and "verbose". How to add a "superverbose" with
name, email and work phone? Couldn't find any suggestions in the wiki.

Best regards,


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