[rt-users] Adding custom field to the Queue object thru initial data script (4.0.2)

Srikumar Nair srikumarp at fb.com
Mon Oct 24 11:45:51 EDT 2011

Has anyone tried to add custom fields to the Queue object (or any other Ticket objects) thru the initial data scripts (which will be run with the $RT_HOME/sbin/rt-setup-database command)?

Also, is there a place where I can find the list of different Types I can use in script?
Basically these should correspond to various drop down values for Type in the web UI where you define the Custom Fields.

Thanks again..

I am trying to create a custom field on the Queue object with the initial data script, which has the following entry:

        Name        => 'Country',
        Type        => 'SelectSingle',
        LookupType  => 'RT::Queue',
        Disabled    => 0,
        Queue       => 0,
        Description => 'Country information is used to identify country specific queues',

My assumption is specifying the LookupType as 'RT::Queue' will make it add it to the Queue object. But this gets added to the Ticket object.
How do I add custom field to the Queue object thru the initial data scripts?


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