[rt-users] BKM for deployment of RT's perl

Joachim Thuau Joachim.Thuau at spacex.com
Thu Oct 27 15:02:51 EDT 2011

I have successfully setup RT using local::lib to store all the
dependancies that perl needs outside of the system's perl libs.
So far, it has worked quite well.

You have to be careful to set it up before you start running all the
commands so that it looks for the libs in the right place, as well as
using the right install paths for the new installed modules out of cpan.

Use this:
	eval `perl -Mlocal::lib=/opt/rt4/perl5`
To get CPAN to install in that location, and setup perl to look there for

And add the following to apache's config:

PerlOptions +Parent
        PerlSwitches -I/opt/rt4/perl5/lib/perl5

I expect you can use something like perlbrew to setup the whole toolchain
to do the same...


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