[rt-users] Private Groups in RT v4.0.x or equivalent?

David david at jetrentals.co.nz
Mon Oct 31 17:57:23 EDT 2011

> Users within the group can steal it from the virtual group user as
> normal, or they can have a workflow where it stays owned by that virtual
> user and they only need to steal it upon closure.

Thanks for all the responses but I'm stuck with "stealing".

I've gone "configure queues",  "group rights", selected the group and under "rights for staff" have 
enabled "steal ticket". But when I log in as a user in that group and try to take ownership of a 
ticket owned by the virtual user I get "you can only take tickets that are unowned".

I've also tried granting "steal ticket" under global user rights but I get the same message.

Even as an admin user with with "do anything and everything" enabled when I try and reassign the 
ticket I get "You can only reassign tickets that you own or that are unowned" ??

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated (before I loose all my hair).

Using RT 4.0.2



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