[rt-users] RT4 query builder not decoding parameters from URL

Daniel Farst daniel.farst at case.edu
Tue Aug 28 21:27:26 EDT 2012


I'm having this same problem or at least an extremely similar one. Were you
ever able to solve this?

Daniel Farst
IT Support Coordinator
College of Arts and Sciences
Case Western Reserve University

daniel.farst at case.edu

On Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 2:12 PM, JP White <jpwhite at hotmail.com> wrote:

>  I have a fresh install of RT 4.0.5 on a new server. I pointed this new
> instance to an existing RT 4.0.2 database (after running the db upgrade
> script).
> The problem I am having is that the query builder:
> Existing saved searches execute with no problems. All new searches end-up
> URL encoded, thus fail to run and "0 results" are returned. For example, a
> search like 'id = 12345' is getting executed as 'id%20%3D%2012345'.
> Once the query executes and returns nothing, a click on "Advanced" from
> the results page will show the query and format as URL encoded strings...
> nothing is getting decoded before execution.
> Configuration (Apache conf and RT_SiteConfig) are the same.
> Any ideas? I am completely at a loss.
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