[rt-users] Matching exclusively on Ticket #

Samuel Leslie samuel.l at impos.com.au
Mon Dec 10 13:23:35 EST 2012

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to match incoming email to RT exclusively on ticket 
number? Right now we have subject tags in the form of [domain.com.au 
#1234] and the "domain.com.au" portion needs to be present for RT to 
correctly file the email under the associated ticket. Ideally, we'd like 
to be able to have emails routed to the correct ticket based purely on 
the unique ID of the ticket without any dependence on the $rtname setting.

I thought this might be possible via setting per queue Subject Tags but 
now I'm less sure, and this would be a global setting so configuring it 
per queue isn't ideal. Of course, we'd also want to do it in a way that 
doesn't break any emails incoming using the "old form" if possible. 
We're running RT 4.0.8 if this helps.

Thanks for any advice!

Kind regards,
Samuel Leslie

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