[rt-users] Referring to CustomField by ID in TicketSQL

John Kelsh jkelsh at netspot.com.au
Wed Dec 12 00:11:26 EST 2012

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the information.

I tried the obvious combinations, including the formats you suggested.

Do you know when this feature was introduced? I'm working on an older version of RT so it may not be implemented?


On 12/12/2012, at 1:49 PM, Thomas Sibley <trs at bestpractical.com> wrote:

> On 12/11/2012 05:42 PM, John Kelsh wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Is this possible? i.e. can a custom field value be selected by custom field id?
>> I want to use this to distinguish between two identically named custom fields.
> Have you tried it?
> CF.42 = 'foo' works just fine.  So does 'CF.{42}'.  If your two CFs are
> applied to different queues, you can also use the syntax:
> 'CF.QueueName.{CF Name}'
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