[rt-users] Multi-tenant

Shuvam Misra shuvam.misra at merceworld.com
Thu Dec 13 13:42:29 EST 2012

> Personally, I'd do multi-tenant through virtualisation.  Still only
> one piece of hardware, but you're keeping the data more effectively
> segregated.  You could simplify and centralise your configuration through
> scripts, so you didn't have to configure each tenant by hand.

I too was wondering what would I do if I took a browser-based app like RT
and needed to run multi-tenant setups on a single physical server. One
option is of course virtualisation, but another could be just running an
Apache with multiple virtualhost setups. Can one install multiple copies
of RT in multiple directories, and make them connect to the same PG or
MySQL database server but use various different databases? So, in short,
we will have one Apache daemon listening on five different domains using
its VirtualHost feature, then redirecting accesses to five different
physical copies of RT running on five different port numbers and storing
their config files etc in five different directories. And at the
back-end, all five RT instances would talk to the same database server on
the same database port number, but would connect to five different

Will this work?


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