[rt-users] Multi-tenant

CB kjcsb at xnet.co.nz
Thu Dec 20 11:37:14 EST 2012

> On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 09:05:34AM -0800, Thomas Sibley wrote:
> > On 12/12/2012 08:12 AM, CB wrote:
> > > Thanks. I understand that it's possible to have multiple queues. Is
> > > it possible to have a multi-tenant setup i.e. one RT install with
> each "tenant"
> > > having its own environment e.g. domain, users, admin rights etc.
> > > Each tenant can log in to its own domain and administer the system
> > > (for themselves without affecting anyone else). From what I can see
> > > there is one local config file for all of RT and it's not possible
> to specify multiple domains.
> >
> > Short answer: No.
> Slightly longer answer: maybe, depending on definitions?
> Whilst RT has a notion of a single domain, you are free to route emails
> from other domains into the system (and have queues set up to respond
> with those addresses). Together with the fine-grained permissions model,
> and the subject tags on queues it may be possible to configure a single
> RT instance which would meet the OP's requirements (although I guess
> user admin would be the one sticking point, so it might be necessary to
> arrange for a separate user provisioning add-on to support the specific
> use cases).

Thanks. It seems that to do this properly RT is not the tool - it's just not
architected in that way. Multi-tenant systems I'm familiar with (e.g. Oracle
E-Business Suite) have "striped" data so each tenant is logically separated.
Subject tags, a very basic feature set and a new UI with limited
functionality could possibly get us most of the way there. 

> > Why would you prefer a single monolithic RT instance rather than a
> > handful of separate ones?
> Efficiencies in administration overhead and hardware requirements
> (depending on the relative volume of transactions, of course) are two
> that spring to mind immediately.

For a handful I agree however it is not scalable beyond that in my view. 

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