[rt-users] Strip the requestor

Randy Black Randy.Black at Buckle.com
Thu Jan 5 09:00:16 EST 2012

So there is no regex or anything that will wild card that?  Weird.  

Anyway, I know you didn't mention postfix, I was preempting the fix or filter it with your MTA answer.  

The obstacle of removing them one at a time in a loop, is that the emails come from outside of our domain.  Not knowing these addresses it's impossible to remove them before other scrips fire off.  The emails back to them on create notify and other scripts, need to be completely disabled.

Thanks for your help Christian!

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I didn't say anything about postfix.

You have to remeove every single requestor within your RT scrip.
There is no method to remove all requestors so you have to loop over
all requestors and remove them one by one.


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Seriously, that's no good.  I need to remove everything from the requestor or change it to an internal user (nobody, root).  I cannot be sending out emails for this queue.  A postfix overhaul is too big to fix a problem that I am think could/should be easily done in RT.

Any other suggestions?  Thanks for your help!

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There is no wildcard value.
You have to remove each requestor.

You can loop over $self->TicketObj->RequestorAddresses


Am 05.01.2012 12:22, schrieb Randy Black:
> Thanks! But what is the wild card for the email value? I need them all
> stripped.
> Thanks again!

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