[rt-users] possible RT 4.0.4 attachment bug

mjames at guesswho.com mjames at guesswho.com
Thu Jan 5 15:51:13 EST 2012

See screenshot that I captured from webmin for the Tickets table - there are missing tickets in the range between 53 and 184. I have not run shredder or manipulated the database in any way. All I can add is that a user submitted a mysql database dump as an attachment that exceeded the allowed size limit.


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This may be a bug in the way attachments are handled in 4.0.4.

We recently spun up a new instance of RT 4.0.2, then upgraded to 4.0.4. Running on Centos 5.7 using MySQL. Yesterday we were at ticket #53. A user sent an email last night with an attachment containing sql statements (a database backup). His ticket id is #63.

There aren't any intervening tickets. When I use the quick search for example, and try to load a ticket between 53-63, I get an error:

RT Error Could not load ticket 57 (for example)

The only thing I can think of is that some of the statements in the attachment were acted on. Is this possible?

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