[rt-users] "img" html tag in customized search result columns

Armin Kneip ml at kneip.me
Fri Jan 6 08:40:33 EST 2012

Hi there!

I'm trying to configure RT 4.0.4 on Debian Squeeze
In advanced query builder the img tag seems filtered. Is there a good
way to use icons in search results?

Here an example:

------ snip ------
'<a href="/rt/Ticket/Display.html?Status=deleted&id=__id__"
target="_blank"><img src="icon-delete.png></a>/TITLE: Direkt',
'__UpdateStatus__ /TITLE:Neue',
'<a href="/rt/Ticket/Display.html?Status=resolved&id=__id__"
target="_blank"><img src="icon-resolved.png></a>/TITLE: (neues Fenster)'
------ snap ------

Thanks in advance

Armin Kneip

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