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Izz Abdullah Izz.Abdullah at hibbett.com
Wed Jan 11 14:13:54 EST 2012

Have you guys checked to ensure the linux box itself, I presume it is linux, acknowledges the validity of the certificate?  (usually something like:
# openssl verify /etc/ssl/certs/ <certificate_to_verify>

Just a quick openssl thought.

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I've had the same issues and am only now getting around to figuring it out.  Everything works fine in browser, but not thru rt-mailgate.
Every other service that uses the SSL keys are working; puzzled.

If I find something worthy of note, I'll post it.


> Thanks for the suggestions guys.  
> I finally just turned off my re-write rule that was re-directing http 
> to https and side-stepped the rt-mailgate ssl failure all together.  
> Not ideal, but in practice very few of my users log into RT directly 
> so it's a configuration I can live with short term while I figure out 
> the real issue.
> I've configured postfix to hand messages to the aliases for my queues 
> directly to rt-mailgate.  It is rt-mailgate that cannot verify the ssl 
> certificate that my web server is presenting it.  None of my web 
> browsers have trouble with it, so it feels like an rt-mailgate 
> configuration issue.  I can repro the issue on the command line....
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