[rt-users] Article as replies (Markup)

Scott Horsley bestpractical.scott at comsetic.net
Thu Jan 12 22:08:20 EST 2012

Hi List,

Running into a problem when using articles as a reply to a request.

I have an article which contains HTML only which is stored in a "Fill in one text area" CustomField.

This stores the article perfectly fine and presents it correctly when viewing the article in a browser, however.. When attaching the Article to a ticket reply, it appears to convert the content to Wiki markup (Even though the field is NOT a "Fill in one wikitext area"), destroying the markup entirely and enforcing a text content type.

I have tried adding a Content-Type: text/html to the article head and this still produces the same result.

I am hoping somebody else has successfully achieved this and can give any pointers as to the correct approach.

RT Version: 4.0.4



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