[rt-users] Custom Scrip that sometimes emails?

John Hascall john at iastate.edu
Mon Jan 16 12:14:25 EST 2012

> On Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 19:19, John Hascall <john at iastate.edu> wrote:
> >> On Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 07:35, John Hascall <john at iastate.edu> wrote:
> >> > I have a custom scrip that does quite a lot of parsing of
> >> > the content of an incoming email during ticket creation.
> >> >
> >> > Now I've been asked that under certain circumstances,
> >> > determined by what it finds/doesn't find in the email,
> >> > this scrip also send an email (to the requestor as
> >> > well as possibly to an email address found in the
> >> > message).
> >
> >> Use second scrip that emails with Notify* actions. Probably your
> >> parser also updates ticket with info it found, so you can create
> >> condition that finds required situation.
> >
> > How do I insure that the two scrips execute in the correct order?
> I think in 3.8.1 we already order scrips by description, may be it's
> by id. However, you don't need it. Changes from a scrip fire new
> scrips. In second scrip you check that particular field was set by
> transaction, check new and old values, check other required fields and
> decide whether fire or not notification action.
> Advantage of this is that notification is fired even when people
> through UI changed ticket in similar way as your parser.

  So, just to be sure I understand this correctly.

  The existing scrip, upon finding that the email is required,
  sets the value of a custom field (say, email = "needed")

  This setting of a custom field will trigger RT to run through
  the list of scrips again.  The condition of the new, (emailing),
  scrip is based on the custom field value (email=="needed"), so
  it is triggered on this run through.  This scrip, after emailing,
  should, I would guess, then update the CF (say, email = "sent").


  I am guessing that there is some way to not reinvent the wheel and
  use the abilities of an exist action, perhaps by being a subclass of it?
  Possible?  Pointers on how?

Many thanks,

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