[rt-users] Display issues with Rt-4.0.4 in IE 8 browser

kripur at gmail.com kripur at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 04:01:14 EST 2012

   I am having some issues with Rt-4.0.4 on IE 8.0 on Windows.

   When looking at the transactions for a ticket, in the history
   Tab, subsequent transaction entries are indented to the right.
   If there are a large number of transactions, the last entries
   are indented so far right that they are not visible.

   Second issue, is with the display of the 
   'Download (untitled)/with headers' boxes, in the history tab.
   When the mouse hoovers over these boxes, they move sideways
   and back when the mouse is off them.

   Are these known issues with IE?

   How can I fix these?

   I don't see these issues with Firefox

   Many Thanks



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