[rt-users] "General" vs. "Staff" vs. "Administrators" (Rights)

Jeff Blaine jblaine at kickflop.net
Thu Jan 19 08:38:23 EST 2012

Thank you both.

"These are groupings of the _rights_ themselves, not
groupings of _things_ rights are granted to."

That was my major hang-up.  I didn't really understand
what they were.


We've been using RT 3.x for ~6 years now.  This new
organizational UI element threw me off in 4.x.

On 1/18/2012 4:10 PM, Kenneth Crocker wrote:
> Jeff,
> The rights offered by RT for managing Queues/tickets are categorized in
> a way that is most common to general use.
> That doesn't mean you can't grant an "Administrator" right to someone
> that isn't a manager or anything like that.
> The best thing to keep in mind about these rights is "how does granting
> this right affect security/integrity of the ticket?".
> Keep in mind that the environment you have will drive the way you design
> your workflow and therefore security.
> If you have a very small workforce using the tickets and the process you
> want is mostly open to all, you could probably disregard most of the
> categories of these rights, with the exception of superUser.
> Do you want just anyone to be able to modify the status of a ticket?
> Make comments on a ticket? Delete a ticket?
> Do you have a large workflow that is segregated by groups of users that
> have specific types of tickets to work on? If so, you want to be
> security conscious about who can do what to which tickets and who
> oversees the work on the tickets.
> Is your environment software support? If so, the integrity of these
> tickets and who did what ti who will be important to your auditing
> department.
> Let me know what you are using RT for, your application and work
> environment, etc. and I'll offer what help I can.
> Kenn
> On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 12:08 PM, Jeff Blaine <jblaine at kickflop.net
> <mailto:jblaine at kickflop.net>> wrote:
>     So.  Confused.
>     What makes something 'General'?
>     What makes something 'Staff'?
>     What makes something 'Administrator'?
>     RT has the most confusing rights system I have ever
>     seen, even in 4.x :(
>     Is there a 4.x write-up on this stuff?
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