[rt-users] attachment improvements

BÁLINT Bekény balint.bekeny at docca.hu
Sat Jan 21 09:52:07 EST 2012

Hi list,

I've made some attachment improvements in our company's RT 3.8 in the last
few years.
If you are interested in it I can try to create 4.0 compatible Plugins for
these features (now I could only send patches for 3.8.x files).

1. Attachment forward: previously attached files are listed on Update.html
and you can check them to attach to the outgoing mail. (I don't understand
why this kind of feature isn't in vanilla RT. Everybody downloads and then
reuploads attachments if he or she wants to send it to an email address?).

2. Unique attachment session: RT temporary stores attachments
in $session{'Attachments'} and deletes this on Display.html, Update.html,
Create.html, ModifyAll.html and Bulk.html. The problem is that if you start
a comment, attach a file and you open a ticket or start another comment,
etc.in another browser window or tab, your uploaded attachment will be
deleted from session. So later when you submit your comment there won't be
your previously attached file. This is annoying for a lot of users that's
why I create unique session variable in every related page to store the
Note: I think it is impossible to implement this with Callbacks only. It
needs patching or overlaying some files.

3. Multiple attach: there are flash solutions for multi-attach file but I
don't like flash. Fortunately in HTML5 you can create <input type="file">
with multiple <http://www.w3schools.com/html5/att_input_multiple.asp>attribute.
Modern browsers support it and allow users to select more than
one file at once. I implement this feature on Update, Create and ModifyAll
pages. Users like this more than I previously supposed and it was only a 20
minute work to implement. :)
Note: this will be another reason for IE users to change their browser :)

4. Attachment coloring and ordering: you can define categories in
SiteConfig and also colors for these categories. On Display page you can
set category for every file with one click. Files get the color of their
categories. You can also order attachments list by category (color),
filename, creator, size and date. There is a predefined category "hidden".
With this you can hide an attachment.
It's not my favorite improvement but this is very useful for companies work
on long projects with lot of files.

Docca OutSource IT Ltd.
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