[rt-users] attachment improvements

BÁLINT Bekény balint.bekeny at docca.hu
Sun Jan 22 15:57:19 EST 2012

Hi Ruslan,

> > 2. Unique attachment session: RT temporary stores attachments
> > in $session{'Attachments'} and deletes this on Display.html, Update.html,
> > Create.html, ModifyAll.html and Bulk.html. The problem is that if you
> start
> > a comment, attach a file and you open a ticket or start another comment,
> > etc.in another browser window or tab, your uploaded attachment will be
> > deleted from session. So later when you submit your comment there won't
> be
> > your previously attached file. This is annoying for a lot of users that's
> > why I create unique session variable in every related page to store the
> > attachments.
> > Note: I think it is impossible to implement this with Callbacks only. It
> > needs patching or overlaying some files.
> This is implemented in the repo and aimed at 4.2.

Good news. In that case I won't work on creating patches for this.

>  > 3. Multiple attach: there are flash solutions for multi-attach file but
> I
> > don't like flash. Fortunately in HTML5 you can create <input type="file">
> > with multiple attribute. Modern browsers support it and allow users to
> > select more than one file at once. I implement this feature on Update,
> > Create and ModifyAll pages. Users like this more than I previously
> supposed
> > and it was only a 20 minute work to implement. :)
> > Note: this will be another reason for IE users to change their browser :)
> What happens with browsers that don't support this feature? If those
> don't have problems and just allow users to upload one file then we
> can consider this for core.

It is backward compatible so you can upload one file without any problem
with IE or older FF, Safari, Chrome, etc.

> Do you care to send a patch against master branch?

Note that because of above change (2), code around attachments
> upload is different, but actually it's better as we concentrated it in
> one place.

Patch for master branch is attached.
IMPORTANT: I'm unable to test it but I hope it works well on this branch.

>  > 4. Attachment coloring and ordering: you can define categories in
> SiteConfig
> > and also colors for these categories. On Display page you can set
> category
> > for every file with one click. Files get the color of their categories.
> You
> > can also order attachments list by category (color), filename, creator,
> size
> > and date. There is a predefined category "hidden". With this you can
> hide an
> > attachment.
> > It's not my favorite improvement but this is very useful for companies
> work
> > on long projects with lot of files.
> Sounds like useful @Plugin.
> If you need new callbacks for any code then you can send patches.

Thanks, I think it will help me a lot to create Plugins.

Docca OutSource IT Ltd.
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