[rt-users] can RT support this type of workflow

Chris Herrmann chrisherrmann7 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 08:30:43 EDT 2012

Hi all,

I'm currently considering RT for a client, but I'm not sure how to
implement the following type of workflow / scenario; any thoughts /
suggestions welcome (or if it's just flat out impossible or trying to
put a square peg in a round hole please tell me too). I'm very
familiar with RT3.8 series, but not 4 so not sure if some of these
things are easier to achieve in 4... (we would implement current
latest stable for them).

The client has several types of workflows. Most of these are based
around case management type workflows, and will work reasonably well
with an "out of the box" RT implementation. One case I can't work out

- They want to store information about passes that have been issued to
customers for vendor X,Y,Z
- There are rules about how often, and how many passes may be issued
to a customer. For example a customer may not be issued more than 3
passes for vendor X in any 6 month period.
- They need to be able to report on how many passes have been issued:
to a customer; for vendor X

Maybe I could store this as custom fields, but I can only see custom
fields for queues and tickets. Maybe that's OK because a particular
"transaction" (real world transaction not RT transaction) would
involve entering the quantity of vouchers issued for Vendor X,Y,Z.
But... what type of custom field would be most appropriate for this?

The next thing is that we would need to rework the RT interface to
make it more customer centric rather than ticket centric. By this I
mean that when a case is opened the first thing they do is capture a
lot of information about the customer OR they are searching for a
customer by name, address etc etc. Looking at the dashboard I can't
see an easy way to do this - I think that we'd need to modify one or
several templates but I'm not sure where to start looking at for this,
so that the top panel for example was a search that returned RT users
and allowed them to modify the users, and then easily create a ticket
given a selected user.

Actually there are custom fields that are specific to a user and not
ticket or queue that we need, sorry just thought of some. If I look at
a user I can see a section for "custom fields" but no way of assigning

Thanks all,


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