[rt-users] Change the place of title page name

Jonathan Khattir jonathan.khattir at mobiquithings.net
Fri Jul 6 11:28:21 EDT 2012

Yes, i know that is a callbaks, but i don't know use callbacks with
javascripts. I create a title.js in /NoAuth/title.js and in the
/Elements/Header i add " <script type="text/javascript"
src="<%RT->Config->Get('WebPath')%>/NoAuth/js/Title.js"></script>" but that
don't work.

2012/7/2 Jonathan Khattir <jonathan.khattir at mobiquithings.net>

> Hi, I would like to known how i can change the place of the title of
> current page view.
> The variable is $Title, define in /Element/Header so i would like export
> this variable or the div <div id="header"><h1><% $Title %></h1></div> to
> display the page name in footer (/Element/Footer) for exemple.
> Thanks to help me :)
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