[rt-users] RT config files different instances

Richard McMahon rgm at ast.cam.ac.uk
Sat Jul 14 07:21:44 EDT 2012


I have a a few different RT instances and I am running reports
remotely, see exampe code below.

At the moment I have all the passwords in each report script but I would 
like to move the DB info and passwords to configuration files and specify 
the config files as command line options using Getopt::Long.

I am considering using the perl module Config::Tiny to read
the configuration information. Are there any other suggestions?

e.g. should/can I uses RT's own configuration handler. If yes,
where is a good place to start? Thiscwould also mean less
extra Per modules needed. I will share the reporing scripts
when I have finished.

e.g this is what I do now:


# set/change some Config values
if host=host1) {
   RT->Config->Set( DatabaseType => 'mysql' );
   RT->Config->Set( DatabaseHost => 'host1.ast.cam.ac.uk' );
   RT->Config->Set( DatabaseName => 'rt3' );
   RT->Config->Set( DatabaseUser => 'rgm');
   RT->Config->Set( DatabasePassword => 'NotaPassword');
   RT->Config->Set( LogDir => '/home/rgm/soft/rt/host1/log/' );

if (host=host2) { }



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