[rt-users] Running rt-server with SSL certificate

Mayk Backus backus at nlcom.nl
Tue Jul 24 08:20:00 EDT 2012


Thank you for the quick reply.

We start RT with the rt-server command located in the sbin directory of RT.
It's a own kind of daemon of RT that listens on a port.

Thanks again, regards,


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Onderwerp:  Re: [rt-users] Running rt-server with SSL certificate

Actually, there is nothing about RT. You have to look how to run web-server
with SSL. For ex. module for apache is mod_ssl.
 RT in this case is simply a backend (like php, perl, python) that generates
you content.

On Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 1:47 PM, Mayk Backus <backus at nlcom.nl> wrote:
> Helle List,
> Is there a how-to that explains on how to run rt-server with a ssl
> certificate. We have a wildcard cert that we want to use on our RT
> installation.
> Any tips are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance,
> Regards,
> Mayk Backus
> Nlcom

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