[rt-users] RT REST parser on php (json? xml?)

Andres Altamirano aaltamirano at uc.cl
Mon Jun 4 10:46:37 EDT 2012


I'd like to know if there are scripts, o code on php to parse RT REST. 
It's difficult to do it from php without having to build a parser. 
Does anybody knows one?

I have seen many restful app which are using xml or json. There are a 
lot of interfaces to do the parsing job in these cases.

Why RT don't uses that sort of specs?

Andres Altamirano
Subdirección Innovación Tecnológica
Dirección de Informática
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Campus San Joaquin. Vicuña Mackena 4860
Fono: +56 2 3547183

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