[rt-users] Scrip/template "Notify parent ticket owner on resolve"?

Jeff Blaine jblaine at kickflop.net
Tue Jun 5 17:48:15 EDT 2012

On 6/5/2012 5:29 PM, Thomas Sibley wrote:

Thanks Thomas

> Think about it this way.  Make your Condition custom "On Resolve + Has
> Parents"


> Then use a standard Notify* action and set the Template on the scrip.

The goal is: On resolve of a child ticket, notify *each parent
tickets' owner* that the child was resolved.

There is no "standard Notify* action" for "Owners of parent
tickets", so I'm confused by what you mean there.

You also said "the Template". Are you suggesting that I write
the logic into a new custom template and force the "To:"
field there?  Or did you intend "the Template" to mean any
existing template of my choice.

I really don't follow you due to terseness, though I am certainly
not looking for anyone to provide the code either.

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