[rt-users] Problem with interpretation of images

Alexander Reintzsch alexander.reintzsch at netsystem.de
Wed Jun 6 07:54:18 EDT 2012

Am Mittwoch, den 06.06.2012, 06:56 -0400 schrieb Paul Tomblin:
> On Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 12:58 PM, Alexander Reintzsch
> <alexander.reintzsch at netsystem.de> wrote:
> > Well, thanks for the idea. But autohandler doesn't work at all. Neither
> > in share/html/NoAuth/images nor anywhere else. It's beeing ignored.
> > I copied the picture, see attachment, into share/html/NoAuth/images and
> > got the Mason-compiling error
> It doesn't work because Mason attempts to compile the image as a Mason
> file *before* it sees the autohandler. I think the only solution is to
> take all the images outside the Mason environment.  Would adding a
> `Alias /NoAuth/images/ /opt/rt4/share/html/NoAuth/images/` before the
> DocumentRoot line do that?  I'm not really good with Apache
> configuration.
Well, sure this will work, but on the other hand you lose the ability to
use an image within a plugin. For example I have the plugin MyPlugin and
want to use an image for the plugin. So I will not put it in the general
share/html/NoAuth/images because this makes a mess when exporting this
plugin or updating RT since the plugin is not a encapsulated anymore and
the image would be outside of the "protected" area of the plugin.

What is needed is a smart way to determine whether a requested file is
an image and so let it pass without processing or whether it's another
type of file - so process it.

Is there such a way?
Or is there a way to do this with apache? Maybe with the rewrite mod?
Or how can I configure Mason so that the autohandler will be touched
first, and any other file second? I don't have any experience with
Mason. :(

Thanks for your thoughts and help.

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