[rt-users] Priority greater than 99

ktm at rice.edu ktm at rice.edu
Wed Jun 6 10:22:01 EDT 2012

On Wed, Jun 06, 2012 at 02:03:04PM +0000, Scotto Alberto wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was wondering if setting Priority to a value greater than 99 (max allowed as documented) could bring to some problems.
> I think it would be useful to escalate overdue tickets incrementing the Priority by 1 every hour. Otherwise a ticket overdue since 10 minutes would have the same priority as one overdue since 10 days.
> Thanks for any help
> AS
> Alberto Scotto
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Hi Alberto,

Unless additional resources are made available to handle overdue tickets whose
priority has escalated, you will end up with many high priority tickets. If they
are all high priority, then no one is high priority. One idea to use for working
within the 0-99 range would be to use an sliding scale to escalate priorities for
overdue tickets. For example, +1 for 1 day overdue, +2 for 2 days, +3 for 4 days,
+4 for 8 days, +5 for 16 days. Using such a scale would give you what you want
and give you bigger buckets as tickets languish in the overdue state. Just an


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