[rt-users] Some questions, a few oddities, and some must-haves...

Glenn E. Sieb gsieb at efashionsolutions.com
Thu Jun 7 17:53:24 EDT 2012

On 06/07/2012 04:50 PM, Kevin Falcone wrote:
> We tend to upgrade ckeditor in stable releases when there are severe 
> bugs that it fixes. If there are bugfixes that would be useful to 
> have, the rt bugtracker is the right place to document them. 

Fair enough. Thought that if someone else on this list wanted to check 
out what we did, I'd post it here so it could be searched in the 
archives. I tried setting our changes to the config.js to the built-in 
ckeditor RT is using, and my ass-u-me-ption is that RT's version doesn't 
have the spellcheck built in since ckeditor disappears on the ticket 
creation/etc screens at that point. *shrug* No biggie. Popped in the new 
ckeditor version and nifty as nifty can be.

>> BTW, *my* server (the screenshot with the brown background) is *my*
>> server. My *work* server belongs to the company I work for. They do
>> not replicate with one another. I merely showed them as a comparison
>> as to what seemed weird.
> I didn't say they replicated, I requested replication recipes against
> 4.0.6.

Ok, I'm completely confuzzled by both the original statement, and this 
one. You want recipes for database replication? Or you wanted to know 
how my server(s) (personal and work) were both set up? I thought that 
was in the original email I sent? Personal server is on FreeBSD, work is 
on CentOS, etc. I think perhaps you are confusing my issue with 
something else..? Again, they are *separate* installs. The screenshots 
were just for clarification and context. I.e., "Huh. My personal server 
doesn't look like that.. what the heck is going on with the work server?"

The fact that you're telling me that 4.0.6 fixes some issues with 
submenus is fine by me. I'll try and schedule a maintenance window to do 
the upgrade over a weekend or overnight.

Thanks again, Kevin!

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