[rt-users] Table creation question (v4.0.6)

Poulter, Dale dale.poulter at Vanderbilt.Edu
Wed Jun 13 11:02:35 EDT 2012

Good morning,

We are upgrading to  4.0.6 and changing our architecture a little.  We will be running RT on one server and connect to the database on another server.  This works fine for most functions but I am attempting to determine how the sphinx server should be setup.  This is how I THINK is should be but would like to hear back from anyone that has attempted this scenario

DB server:  mysql
Sphinx should run on the RT server and not the Sphinx server.

Creation of Attachementsindex should be

CREATE TABLE AttachmentsIndex (
        weight INTEGER NOT NULL,
        query  VARCHAR(3072) NOT NULL,
    ) ENGINE=SPHINX CONNECTION="sphinx://rtserver.org:9312/rt" CHARACTER SET utf8

Is this correct or should the SPHINX CONNECTION be the localhost?  Thanks.


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