[rt-users] in sql how do you get to custom fields?

Stuart Browne stuart.browne at ausregistry.com.au
Tue Jun 19 19:35:25 EDT 2012


If it's a single value selected in the custom field, we generally use something like:

        Tickets T
    JOIN Users U ON T.Owner = U.id
    JOIN Queues Q ON T.Queue = Q.id
    LEFT OUTER JOIN (SELECT ObjectId, Content FROM ObjectCustomFieldValues WHERE CustomField = 27 AND ObjectType = 'RT::Ticket' AND Disabled = 0) PA ON PA.ObjectId = T.EffectiveId

The CustomField value is shown in RT, or you can link in CustomFields in the outer join to get the field name involved.


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I am using a 3rd party BI tool for some auditing tools here, and am trying to understand the table layout.

As part of the project I would like to list for a ticket the

Ticket number, creator, creator phone number, created date, ....the queue, the business unit, and other data.

I have figured out how to join the data from tickets, queues, and users tables, but I am not getting very far on the custom fields.   In my example above,  I have a custom field "Business Unit" and it has several different potential values.    Can anyone suggest how I might add that to my query?

Currently I have:

select Tickets.id, Tickets.Status, Tickets.Subject,
Tickets.Created,tickets_creator_user.Name as "Creator",
Tickets.Started,tickets_owner_users.Name as "Owner",
Tickets.Resolved,  tickets_lastupdateby_users.Name as "Last Update By",
Queues.Name as "Queue"
from Tickets,
Users tickets_creator_user,
Users tickets_owner_users,
Users tickets_lastupdateby_users,
where Queues.id = Tickets.Queue and
Tickets.Creator = tickets_creator_user.id and
Tickets.Owner = tickets_owner_users.id and
Tickets.LastUpdatedBy = tickets_lastupdateby_users.id;



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