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Stuart Browne stuart.browne at ausregistry.com.au
Tue Jun 26 19:28:20 EDT 2012

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Subject: (Waiting on Customer) Case #00666204 (RHN TRACEBACK generated) ref:00DA0000000HxWHMA0.500A000000A5zZcIAJ:ref

|         Case Information            | 
Case Title       : RHN TRACEBACK generated 
Case Number      : 00666204 
Case Open Date   : 2012-06-25 10:31:30

Most recent comment: On 2012-06-26 21:44:51, S V, Abhilash commented:

Thank you for your Support Request. My name is Abhilash S. V and I am taking over the ownership of your Support Request and will work with you to resolve this issue. 

You are hitting an already reported internal private bugzilla https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=822435. The 
bugzilla is not viewable to public. The bugzilla is on QA and we should have an errata soon.

Meanwhile, can you try to downgrade rhn-client-tools package to version 1.0.0-73 in your client and check if it fixes the problems as of now.

Awaiting your update.

Thank you for choosing Red Hat and I look forward to working with you. 



Thank you for your latest interaction with Red Hat Global Support Services. We are currently working to resolve your case.

Your case has transitioned to "Waiting On Customer" status. This means that the Red Hat associate working on your case needs information or action from you to proceed. To help us resolve your case as quickly as possible, you will need to update your case online at https://access.redhat.com

Once you update the case, we can continue working to resolve your issue.

If you wish to contact Red Hat, visit https://access.redhat.com to find phone and web contact information relevant to your region and support contract. 

Thank you,

Red Hat Global Support Services

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