[rt-users] ldap import extension privileged users

Joachim Thuau JThuau at spacex.com
Thu May 10 13:32:19 EDT 2012

Hello List,

I was looking for a way to get a number of users for a new implementation
of RT to automagically set certain users as "privileged" if they were in a
set of groups. 

I write a patch and submitted that to the RT-Extension-LDAPImport bug
tracker. But I now realize that this might already be possible, without my
ugly patch. 

I'm thinking about undoing my mess and setup a cron job that would do
something similar (run a LDAP query, get a list, and walk all the users,
and "unprivileged" those that are not in the result set, and privilege the

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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