[rt-users] Where are comments and correspondence held?

Tim Cutts tjrc at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Nov 6 04:58:05 EST 2012

On 6 Nov 2012, at 06:29, Robert Wysocki <robert.wysocki at contium.pl> wrote:

> Dnia 2012-11-05, pon o godzinie 17:16 -0500, Jeff Blaine pisze:
>> On 11/5/2012 4:54 PM, Max McGrath wrote:
>>> Running RT 4.0.6.  Curious where the content of *comments* and/or
>>> *correspondence* resides in the database?
>> In the transactions table, as I recall.
> Actually in the attachments tabel.

Yep - each Ticket has 1..n transactions in the Transactions table, and each Transaction has 0..n attachments in the Attachments table.  The content of each comment or correspondence resides in the Attachments table.   It's often encoded, so it's not always trivial to extract the content with simple SQL.  For example, the following naïve query gets the attachment rows for a ticket:

SELECT a.* FROM Tickets t, Transactions tx, Attachments a
 WHERE t.id = 294774
   AND tx.ObjectId = t.id
   AND tx.ObjectType = 'RT::Ticket'
   AND tx.id = a.TransactionId;

But generally you don't want to do that, and instead you want to use the perl API to get at them:

my $attachments = RT::Attachments->new(RT->SystemUser);

while (my $a = $attachments->Next) {
  print $a->Content, "\n\n";



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