[rt-users] Adding quicksearch widget to SelfService view

omaisz-takács dániel omaiszd at e-bone.hu
Fri Nov 16 03:24:04 EST 2012

Hi Kevin, thank you, Works like a charm.
Is there any way to limit this in Selfservice to queues available to the
user as in the normal view? As right now i can see all queues altho the user
has rights for only one.
If i give privilages to this user on the normal site i can only see that one
queue in the quicksearch.

Best regards:
Daniel O.T

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On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 04:56:13PM +0100, omaisz-takács dániel wrote:
>    Hi all, i'm trying to add the quicksearch widget to the selfservice.
>    Please offer some guidance.
>    What i'm trying to do is:
>    I had modified MyRequest in the Selfservice/Elements in my local:
>    error:       could not find component for path '/Elements/QuickSearch'

The component is Quicksearch not QuickSearch


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