[rt-users] custom actions for inserting multiple mixed v4/v6 IP addresses into a custom field

Lundberg, Emory emory-lundberg at uiowa.edu
Mon Nov 26 14:24:24 EST 2012

On Sep 5, 2012, at 11:00 AM, Kevin Falcone wrote:

> I'd suggest looking at what RTIR's IP address parsing routines are 
> doing.

To revisit this, I was able to get a scrip that would pick up the first 
occurrence of an address using a loop, but it would not pick up other 
instances of a match.

In light of that, I suspect having RTIR_FindIP.pm pick up those IP 
addresses in transactions like RTIR would be less rickety and suck-prone 
for someone that isn't me one day having the unfortunate task of 
following in my shoes, but I'm not sure how to include that 
RTIR_FindIP.pm's logic in RT.

Is it better to:

1. implement RTIR_FindIP.pm's voodoo as a scrip
2. hook RTIR_FindIP.pm and its dependancies into my RT as a local plugin
3. some other non-wrong option that I don't know?

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