[rt-users] Change text in tickts using database

Mark Goodge mark at good-stuff.co.uk
Thu Oct 18 11:14:03 EDT 2012

On 18/10/2012 15:58, Juanjo wrote:
> Hi,
> I have to change some test inside the tickets directly on database.
> I don´t find where are the comments, or the emails body that we send to
> rt or create trought web.
> Could you tell me what table and what comun have this data??

It's in the Content field in the Attachments table. This is keyed to the 
Transactions table via TransactionId, and the Transactions table in turn 
is keyed to the Tickets table via ObjectId.

Note that the Content field in Attachments has a LONGBLOB data type, and 
will also contain binary data where relevant (eg, an image attachment). 
So be careful when editing it, as you can easily create problems for 
yourself! The table has a ContentType field which will tell you what 
kind of data is inside Content.

(Disclaimer: the above relates to RT v 3. It may be different for other 

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