[rt-users] Size of the database.

Tim Cutts tjrc at sanger.ac.uk
Fri Oct 19 10:57:35 EDT 2012

On 19 Oct 2012, at 15:40, Albert Shih <Albert.Shih at obspm.fr> wrote:

> Hi all, 
> When I start RT I make a big mistake, I choose mysql as database (instead
> postgresql). I loose the feature to search inside of the ticket. But well
> it's the past. 

You can implement full text searches by using Sphinx.  It's a bit of a faff, but it can be made to work.  I have it working here.  And presumably we'll be able to do it without Sphinx once RT works properly with MySQL 5.6, so don't despair.

> I knwon it's very hard to change the database. As it's very hard to decide if
> I should break everything and make a new RT+postgresql. 
> What I understand more the size of the database grow up more it's better to
> run postgresql instead of mysql. 
> I would like to known what size of mysql do you have. From what size I
> shouldn't use mysql ? 
> When I say mysql I mean «one standard» not some clustering/load-balancing installation.

I haven't seen a problem here yet, and I'm running MySQL 5.1 and Sphinx 2.0.5 on a VM with 16GB of RAM and 2 virtual CPUs.  Database size is 300,000 tickets, about 33GB on disk.  I run the RT web interface on a separate VM.

Like you, I wish I'd chosen Postgres instead, but I've tried migrating and it's just too painful.  I'm betting on MySQL 5.6 fixing a lot of the performance issues, and giving us proper full text searches into the bargain.  Fingers crossed.


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