[rt-users] Web-UI navigation question

Robert Nesius nesius at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 18:30:46 EDT 2012

Both myself and fellow RT Users have noticed the following little quirk in
navigating the UI.

* While looking at a list of tickets (like My Tickets), we click on a
* We resolve the ticket.
* RT updates the view and says the ticket is solved.

What would be mega handy is a link here "Back to previous list view" or
something.  But instead what we have to do is navigate to the top of RT and
then click on My Tickets to get back to the list we had before.  I'm on
4.0.3 - anyone know if this has been streamlined in later releases?  Or if
there's a way to accomplish this that I haven't figured out yet?  I tried
making a saved search and a dashboard, but I still need multiple clicks to
get to the list view I want.

Thanks in advance for any tips/suggestions.

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