[rt-users] Apache taking up too much CPU

Bhowmik Shah bhowmik at chironinstruments.net
Thu Oct 25 22:14:17 EDT 2012

Hi Kevin,

>> On Thu, Oct 04, 2012 at 07:33:44PM +1000, Bhowmik Shah wrote:
>> Yep, debugging for both RT and Apache is enabled, the logs don't throw *
up* anything out of the
>> ordinary. I've got Perl 5.14.2 installed.
>> I'm currently playing with strace and the Apache process to see if i can
spot whats going
>> wrong. I've tried stuff from the Performance Tuning page on the Wiki and
though the Mason
>> caching parameters improved performance but the problem still persists.
>> > 1) Ubuntu 12.04 with 613MB RAM

>> That is a tiny amount of RAM, especially if you're running your
>> database on the same host. Are you sure you aren't swapping and
>> burning *CPU* doing that?

Yep, i don't see any swapping happening, I also don't expect a large amount
of users (Maximum 5 at any given time) and we only have 19 entries in the
database so far. The database is on the same host.

We are expecting about 1200 tickets at max per year for the current set up.
I would've thought that RT would be able to manage that much load with 613
MB or RAM.

How much RAM do you think I would need for a setup like this?

I have just switched over Apache from Worker to Prefork to see if that
makes any difference.


>> -kevin
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