[rt-users] RTx::AssetTracker problem: Cannot add new asset

Simon Dray Simon.Dray at antplc.com
Mon Oct 29 05:07:54 EDT 2012

Alan Hi

You need to get hold of the latest code drop for AT this has a fix in it for the button problem look for something along these lines rg1-rt-extension-assettracker-2.0.0b2-5 on https://github.com/chakatodd/rt-extension-assettracker

Regards Simon

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Subject: [rt-users] RTx::AssetTracker problem: Cannot add new asset


I am running RT3.8 on a Debian Squeeze server.  I have installed "AssetTracker" 2.0.0b2.  I am able to create asset types, custom fields, etc., however in the upper right were "New Asset of Type" should be (so I can add and asset), it shows the code instead of the actual button:

LABEL ACCESSKEY="9"> <SELECT NAME ="Type" onchange="document.CreateAssetOfType.submit()" class="select-queue"> <OPTION VALUE="6" 0> Application </OPTION> <OPTION VALUE="5" 0> Components </OPTION> <OPTION VALUE="1" 0> Computers </OPTION> <OPTION VALUE="2" 0> Network </OPTION> <OPTION VALUE="3" 0> Peripherals </OPTION> <OPTION VALUE="4" 0> Storage </OPTION> </SELECT> </LABEL>

The above is what displays instead of the button.

Any idea what is wrong and how I might fix it?  Thanks! :-)

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