[rt-users] Perl conflicts

Ram ram0502 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 15:21:20 EDT 2012

How do folks deal with perl conflicts? We normally use RPMs for
everything but that's not practical given the relatively high-version
requirements of the rt4 branch so CPAN seems the only practical

Ideally we would do installs with directives to force installations to
be local (defining  INSTALLARCHLIB , MAN1, MAN3 etc) but several of
the dependent modules ignore those directives and fail as they want to
install into /usr/... etc which requires root which we don't want to
give to CPAN.

Any ideas here?
PS currently we use a dedicated VM for rt where it's allowed to wreak
havoc on the system but I'd like to neaten it up into an apache VHOST
like our other http services...

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