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Lake, Seth M (Vangent) Seth.Lake at vangent.com
Wed Oct 31 16:59:55 EDT 2012

been playing aorund with this for a few day now.  Able to design a table in the WYSIWYG and have it email out properly (by setting the contect to html in the templates) and show properly in the history (by pbypassing the scrubber).  still having an issue populating the Description field on a new ticket though.  any help is appreciated.

I managed to hack together my first callback from Create.html and it works (yay!) but it's populating the WYSIWYG with unformatted text.  if anyone knows how to make this pop as an actual table please shoot me a line.

my $ARGSRef = $ARGS{'ARGSRef'};
if ( $QueueObj->Name eq 'Cabling' ) {
  $ARGSRef->{'Content'} = '
<table broder="1" cellspacing="1" padding="1" align="center" style="width:500px">
    <th>Source Rack </th>
    <th>Source Equip</th>
    <th>Source Port </th>
    <th>Dest Rack   </th>
    <th>Dest Equip  </th>
    <th>Notes       </th>

$QueueObj => undef;

From: Lake, Seth M (Vangent)
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I just realized that there is a "table" button in the WYSIWYG.  was thinking I could set a default ticket description as a table and do it that way.  but it looks like the format isn't maintained (the email is plain text with each table cell as it's own line or mashed all on one line for history) so that won't work...

had a few hits searching for "request tracker grid" but that looks like an output, not an input method.

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