[rt-users] cli command to delete old tickets with shredder

Flavio Moringa flavio.moringa at caixamagica.pt
Mon Apr 8 10:22:18 EDT 2013

I guys,

I haven't come across a straight answer to this, so my apologies if this
has been answered before.

I have a 3.6 Request Tracker instance running.... (and no.. updating right
now is not possible)....

I want to delete all tickets (and respective attachments, etc) that are
older than 2 years...

My approach is using rt-shredder... by installing the cpan module (

So what is the  cli command to do this? I don't need backups.. so no dump
is required....

I have about 600 Gb worth of data.... 99% on the attachments table.... And
want to clean all this up...

There is an answer on the mailling list about this on Jul 13, 2004... that
simply says that to delete for a giving year do:

rtx-shredder YYYY-MM-DD

But seems to old...

Can you help me? seems like a basic think to do...

Thanks in advance.

Yours trully

*Flávio Moringa*
Project Leader

Caixa Mágica Software
Energia Open Source
Rua Soeiro Pereira Gomes, Lote 1 - 4.º B,
Edifício Espanha, 1600-196 Lisboa - Portugal
Tel.: +351 217 921 260 Fax: +351 217 921 261
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