[rt-users] Silent Assign and Resolve

Rob Lister rob at lonap.net
Tue Apr 9 07:08:55 EDT 2013

Yes, I understand that this is possible... just not how to actually do it.

Any good examples / snippets that I can look at? Everything I've tried to far doesn't seem to work.



Robert Lister

On 9 Apr 2013, at 07:02, Kenneth Crocker <kenn.crocker at gmail.com> wrote:

> Rob,
> You could modify your "notify XX on Resolve" scrip to stop if the new status value is resolve and the old one was new, unless you also open the ticket and then assign it. You have to consider what state the ticket is "ALWAYS" in when you assign/resolve it. Then use that condition in your scrip.
> Kenn

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