[rt-users] Creating tickets on behalf of users via email

Craig Ringer craig at 2ndquadrant.com
Tue Apr 9 08:18:24 EDT 2013

Hi all

I'm increasingly finding it desirable to open correspondence with a
client by email and have the conversation tracked in RT. This is
cumbersome enough to do that I wonder if I'm missing something obvious.

I can create a ticket in their name via the web ui, but that results in
an auto-acknowledgement email to them and doesn't send them a copy of
the request its self since they're presumed to have sent it.

I can create it with me as requestor, add them as Cc, save, then delete
them from Cc and add them as requestor afterwards. That seems awfully
convoluted, though, and doesn't allow me to create a ticket in their
name by email.

Essentially I want to be able to email bob at customer.com, Cc RT, set
Reply-To: to the RT address and have RT recognise that's what's
happening, setting them as requestor instead of me and suppressing the
auto-acknowledgement to them. After having a look at the code, docs and
list archives I suspect that I will need to write my own email gateway
to do this job but I'd like to confirm that. The mail plugin API doesn't
look flexible enough, it's really just for authenticating users and
doesn't give you hooks after ticket creation.

If I was to write something like this would it be useful to others?
Would the RT team be prepared to accept a patch either for the hooks + a
CPAN plugin, or for the whole feature integrated into the RT code?

BTW, I've pushed RT::Extension::CustomerGroups to CPAN:


as well as an updated RT::Extension::SMSNotify that supports a hookable
phone number lookup/filter function. A demo hook that implements rolling
support shifts for SMS notification is included in the update. See:


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