[rt-users] Mobile Interface modification

Bart bart at pleh.info
Thu Apr 11 04:28:03 EDT 2013


The mobile style is located in this location:


You can basically copy that directory, or just the files that you want to
change to this location:


For example, if you only copy the css file to the local location, then
you'll only replace that part of the mobile interface. The same will count
for the other parts of this page.

Hope this helps a little. (you can view the changes in your normal browser
by going to https://<your RT URL>/m/.)

2013/4/11 Miles Scruggs <miles at digitalphotobox.net>

> Hi,
> I really like the mobile interface.  I would just like to change one thing
> though, and I'm not sure where to do it.  I would like to have a link to
> see all open tickets.  I don't have much use for all tickets, and would
> just like to modify the search behavior of that link.
> Cheers
> Miles Scruggs
> miles at digitalphotobox.net

Bart G.
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