[rt-users] round-robin auto assignment?

Thomas Sibley trs at bestpractical.com
Fri Apr 12 14:22:00 EDT 2013

On 04/12/2013 11:06 AM, Doug Eubanks wrote:
> I apologize, but Perl isn't my strong suit.  :D
> Changing those three lines still compiles and updates the scrip, but it
> doesn't do anything and never assigns the ticket to anyone now.

Oh, I see, the previous code was trying to set the owner as the next
user in the array (but may have set an undef owner if the current owner
was the last one in the array).

I think you'll need to update the code to set $new_owner to the next
owner instead of a random one.  I haven't fully read the scrip though,
so there may be an underlying more fundamental problem.

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