[rt-users] Postfix sendmail returning status code 75

Nathan Cutler presnypreklad at gmail.com
Thu Aug 1 08:29:08 EDT 2013

> My guess is that you're running RT 4 under mod_perl with the wrong
> SetHandler value.  Read
> http://bestpractical.com/docs/rt/latest/web_deployment.html#mod_perl-2.xx and
> compare your config.

No, mine seems to check out. Here it is:

AddDefaultCharset UTF-8

PerlSetEnv RT_SITE_CONFIG /etc/request-tracker/RT_SiteConfig.pm

# You might need to alter references to /rt in this file (there are
# three) to match whatever base URL you are using for your RT site
Alias / /usr/share/request-tracker/html

<Location />
  SetHandler modperl
  PerlResponseHandler Plack::Handler::Apache2
  PerlSetVar psgi_app /usr/sbin/rt-server
#  Options None
#  Order allow,deny
#  Allow from all

# Limit mail gateway access to localhost by default
<Location /REST/1.0/NoAuth>
    Order Allow,Deny
    Allow from

  use Plack::Handler::Apache2;

Today I have been keeping a close watch on the server's memory. So far
I haven't seen any less than 80% free, and no error so far, either.


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